Detroit Tigers: Fashionable Justin Verlander, trade targets, instant replay


The Detroit Tigers have had two cornerstones of their franchise in their return to being a powerhouse member of baseball: Miguel Cabrera and Justin Verlander.

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Verlander is trying to reassert himself back into the game of baseball after several months with an injury with the overall goal of trying to reestablish himself as one of the better arms in the game. Over the years, he has attracted a following beyond Detroit by being on baseball’s big stage numerous times, a product spokesman, having good looks, dating a super-supermodel, and everything that comes with being Justin Verlander.

Forbes looked at all aspects of J.V.’s life and career (including the nude photo scandal with his lady-love Kate Upton) and were able to place him in designer suits, another one of the ace’s passions.

We are getting to the hot stove league talk during the season as we approach the trading deadline in a few weeks. The Tigers have gotten back off the mat after losing eight straight games, so you have to expect them to be buyers if anything is available, but who are the top targets?

Brad Ausmus had a pretty epic meltdown (for him that is) after Tuesday night’s loss was partially helped by a run not counting when replay showed it probably should. The play in question was when Anthony Gose tried to score from second when a ball struck the pitcher and went into foul ground. He was called out and while a few replay angles pretty much showed he was safe, the replay center in New York upheld the call.

Ausmus talked at length after the game how it doesn’t seem many calls are reversed this year, and I agree with him. But the Tigers did not lose that game because the run did not count. Also, the Tigers continue to take chances on the bases and more times than not lately, it is backfiring.

Gose should not have been going in that situation, and he said as much himself. But the Tigers often say they shouldn’t have done something and go back out next time and do it again.

Getting back to replay, I didn’t have as much problem with them upholding that play if they were going to clutch to the “inconclusive” angle, but it took way too much time. The call took around four minutes for them to uphold the call. I say if you cannot see clear evidence with two minutes and 30 seconds, the video should cut off and the play stands. These replays, in addition to often being inaccurate, our becoming way too time consuming.

The Double Play: Justin Verlander Brings the Heat in Double-Breasted Suits – Hunter Atkins, Forbes Life

"Conscious not to betray his sensibilities, Verlander admits, after some nudging, he enjoys the perks of success. But last summer, the perils of fame claimed him. He and Upton were among the victims of a massive photo hack that disseminated nearly 500 pictures of various celebrities, many posing nude–including them. “Obviously it was tough,” he says of the experience. “I still don’t talk about what happened.”He faced prodding reporters stoically and says he did not vent even in private.“I grinded through it.“Kate’s there a lot for me,” he says of their relationship. “And we’re just normal people. You know, normal relationship–believe it or not.”"

Ask Schmehl: On Detroit Tigers’ trade targets, and whether Nick Castellanos needs time in minors – James Schmehl, MLive

"Starting pitching will be an area the Tigers will consider addressing, and I suspect they’ll have scouts watching a handful of potential trade candidates in the coming weeks, including Cincinnati’s Johnny Cueto and Oakland’s Scott Kazmir. They may also give Matt Garza, Mike Leake and Aaron Harang a peak in the coming weeks.The Tigers will also probably look to upgrade their bullpen around the non-waiver trade deadline. I can’t imagine they’ll add an elite closer, like Aroldis Chapman or Jonathan Papelbon. They have Joakim Soria. And they’re happy with Joakim Soria. But could they acquire a late-inning reliever? I think it’s possible. Milwaukee’s Will Smith makes sense in my eyes. So does Rockies closer John Axford."

Brad Ausmus says ‘instant replay has regressed’ after questionable call – ESPN

"“I definitely think that instant replay has regressed this season,” Ausmus said. “I thought for the most part, they changed calls in order to get the play right, and they did that on a regular basis.“I’m not seeing that this year.”In an email to The Associated Press, MLB spokesman Mike Teevan said: “After viewing all relevant angles, the Replay Official felt that he could not definitively determine that the runner touched home prior to being tagged.”"

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