Detroit Tigers: Chamberlain shelled, Gibson returns, Price’s superstition


As a relief pitcher, it’s hard to be the story of the night when your team loses, 9-3, but somehow, Joba Chamberlain managed to do it.

Chamberlain tossed up more home runs, three, than he recorded outs, two, in the eighth inning on Wednesday. Neil Walker, Starling Marte and Pedro Alvarez each took him deep for a solo shot. On the bombs from Marte and Alvarez, Chamberlain hanged a curveball.

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The right-hander now has a 4.29 ERA and 1.67 WHIP in 21 innings this season. Chamberlain has allowed eight runs in his last six appearances.

One positive to take away from Wednesday night was the fact Kirk Gibson returned to the television booth for the first time since being diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. It sounds as if Gibson will be on Thursday’s telecast as well.

Ace starting pitcher David Price may not be a member of the Detroit Tigers after this season, but he is certainly having his fun while it lasts. In an interview with Jim Rome this week, Price describes the “Perfect Sit”, which helps the Tigers get a victory.

Detroit Tigers’ Joba Chamberlain after allowing three home runs: ‘I’d boo myself’ – Chris Iott,

"“I’d boo myself, too,” Chamberlain said. “I mean, you can’t be mad at it. You spend your hard-earned money to come see somebody be successful, and you don’t be successful. I’d boo myself, too.”Chamberlain has been effective at times this season, but the overall performance has been lacking in a Tigers bullpen that could certainly use some help. And the latest outing came in a game — an eventual 9-3 loss to the Pittsburgh Pirates — that was decided long before Chamberlain entered the game.But this one stood out for one obvious reason: Chamberlain allowed three runs in a span of four batters. Neil Walker homered with one out, then Starling Marte and Pedro Alvarez had back-to-back home runs with two outs. The Pirates extended their lead from 6-2 to 9-2 with three swings of the bat."

Kirk Gibson returns to TV booth for Tigers game – The Detroit News

"His appearance seemed to catch many viewers, based on comments that appeared on Twitter during the broadcast, by surprise. And it didn’t sound like this appearance was a one-time thing.Gibson stayed through the sixth inning. As the inning ended, Impemba said he would, “see him tomorrow.”Said Gibson: “I’ll be here.”"

Detroit Tigers’ Price does ‘Perfect Sit’ for the team – Steve Schrader, The Detroit Free Press

"That first one was June 21 at Yankee Stadium, and the Tigers won, 12-4, and snapped a four-game losing streak.But Price continued to describe his sacrifice: “You’re not allowed to get up, there’s no bathroom break, you can’t get up to go get some water, some Gatorade, sunflower seeds. You have to have helpers in the dugout with you. You’re obviously doing the Perfect Sit for the team, so you can get a guy to run up to the clubhouse and get you a snack or get you some water, whatever it is."

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