Detroit Tigers refuse to face reality, continue to try to compete


We all have to lie to ourselves sometimes; in fact, it’s really what keeps us all sane. But sometimes telling yourself a slew of little white lies is worse than facing one big truth. That’s exactly what the Detroit Tigers have been doing as of lately, is lying to themselves.

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As Major League Baseball resumes play on Friday following the All Star Break, the Tigers find themselves sitting at .500 and looking up at the Minnesota Twins and the Kansas City Royals in the standings.

Given their current situation, one would assume Detroit is looking to sell at the trade deadline and begin a rebuilding process. Wrong. In fact, rather be honest with themselves and take the proper steps for the future, the Tigers are looking to be buyers at the deadline and compete.

Tigers GM David Dombrowski said recently that he still believes the team could win:

"“We haven’t really been on a roll since the beginning of the season. Not particularly pleased with where we are, but we’re also in a position where if we play to our capabilities in the second half, we have a chance to win still.”"

Dombrowski is an optimist, and that’s an admirable trait. But at some point he needs to be realistic with his team’s current situation.

Quite honestly, what part of him looks at the Tigers and believes that they can hang with some of the more well-rounded and complete teams in baseball? The team that played in the first half of the season is not even close to being able to compete. 

Furthermore, there has been some speculation that David Price could be traded as the team struggles to find its footing. When asked about what he thought, Price said there’s a snowball’s chance in hell he’s moved at the deadline:

"“I don’t expect to be traded,” Price said."

In fact, much like his boss, Price is also optimistic that Detroit can not only compete, but win:

"“This is one of the most talented team I’ve ever been a part of,” Price said. “If people just do our part, we can hold the fort until the best hitter in baseball (Cabrera) comes back.”"

Price is the best trade chip Detroit has had in a long time. Teams would be bolt-cutting the locks on Comerica Park just to get a shot at obtaining him, but from what has been said thus far by those involved, Price is stating put.

Once again, little white lies only hurt, and one day these lies will catch up. And they will sting.

What makes this even worse is that not only are the Tigers intending on keeping their best trade chips…they’re planning on acquiring talent. This means two things: Detroit will further gut their farm system, which is already the worst in baseball, and will set themselves further back in the rebuilding process that should be taking place.

Nick Cafardo of The Boston Globe reported that Detroit has their eyes on former Miami Marlins closer Steve Cishek, saying “the Twins, Tigers, Blue Jays, Red Sox, and others have been watching Cishek of late.”

Jon Morosi has indicated that the Tigers are looking at Johnny Cueto of the Cincinatti Reds:

It’d just be nice if the tigers did everybody a favor and quit lying to themselves. It was a nice run, but nobody competes forever. There’s a cycle in professional sports, and right now the Tigers need to follow the flow.

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