Detroit Tigers: Fire Brad Ausmus Before the End of the 2015 Season


Remember as a kid when your mom just suggested you rip off the band aid really fast to get the EXCRUCIATING pain over with quicker. Of course, not every kid listens; some decide to slowly tear off the band aid, which will conveniently rip off some body hair and make it all the more painful.

At the moment, the Detroit Tigers are one of those kids.

With Friday’s rainout, all anyone around the Tigers wanted to talk about was the latest rumor from WDIV-Channel 4 in Detroit that manager Brad Ausmus will be fired at season’s end.

To the surprise of no one, the Tigers front office denied this latest rumor on Friday.

“It’s unfortunate it happened the way it’s happened,” Tigers general managed Alex Avila said according to the Detroit News. “It puts us all of us in a very awkward situation.

“But you deal with it. I already spoke with Mr. Ilitch, I spoke with Brad, and we’ll deal with this situation. But it’s not like Mr. I. has made a decision yet. If he had, he would have told me.”

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Kind of like Ilitch told former general manager Dave Dombrowski that he was going to be fired, right?

“If somebody out there says we’ve already made a decision, which would mean ownership has made such a decision, that’s news to me.”

Since Ilitch fired Dombrowski and told Avila about it first, it wouldn’t be all that surprising to hear that Avila actually doesn’t know that Ausmus is indeed a dead duck. But more than likely, Avila does know, and the Tigers front office missed another opportunity to do the right thing for a person likely leaving the organization.

There really is no point in continuing to have Ausmus manage the team. He lost the clubhouse a long time ago. His players don’t seem to hate him, but they don’t appear respect him, and they certainly don’t play hard for him.

Yes, 2015 is a lost season, but Detroit began its “reboot” at the trade deadline; there is no reason why the team can’t take it a step further and just relieve Ausmus of his duties at the end of the road trip.

The alternative is to continue to hear rumors about whether or not Ausmus will coach the Tigers in 2016. It is quite possible that he doesn’t even want to stay.

Take another step in the reboot, end the drama and fire Ausmus next week.

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