3 players who have run out of time with the Detroit Tigers

Here are three players who have overstayed their welcome with the Detroit Tigers.
Aug 31, 2023; Detroit, Michigan, USA; Detroit Tigers second baseman Zack Short (59) breaks his bat
Aug 31, 2023; Detroit, Michigan, USA; Detroit Tigers second baseman Zack Short (59) breaks his bat / Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports
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Detroit Tigers outfielder Akil Baddoo may be out of time.

When it comes to the Detroit Tigers outfield, they have a crop of youngsters who are starting to settle into roles with them. Riley Greene may be out with an injury and could be done for 2023, but he has proven himself as one of the most exciting young talents on the team who will be a big piece of the puzzle.

Another player who's performed well in his debut with the Tigers is Parker Meadows. The Tigers youngster has proven he will also play a beneficial role in the team's outfield. Ideally, that locks down 2 of the roster spots.

Kerry Carpenter has tapped into some offense and is someone the team can play in right field, though his defense could use some work. That would also imply that the Tigers' outfield would have three left-handed bats.

Outside of that, there's Matt Vierling, who was around in 2023. They have a couple of utility players who have slotted into the outfield at times, and Andre Lipcius earned his call-up and has shown versatility in the outfield.

With all of this in mind, Akil Baddoo may be on the outside looking in. The former Rule 5 draftee had an exciting start to his Tigers tenure, but things have slowed a bit. He settled back in in 2023, finding his groove once again; given the future construction of the outfield, it might be tough to see Baddoo still holding down a role.

Baddo has played in 99 games with the Tigers in 2023, where he's slashed .216/.304/.351 with 11 doubles and nine home runs, with 28 RBI to his credit. He walked 36 and struck out 80 times on the season. With things slowing down, the Tigers may want to move in a different direction.

By the time the Tigers hit the field in 2024, Baddoo may be one of the players who is not with the team anymore. Time will tell, but with plenty of left-handed bats that make up the outfield as it is, Baddoo could be on his way out.