Whatever you think of Miguel Cabrera, he has impacted Detroit on and off the field

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As fans flock to Comerica Park to witness the final days of Miguel Cabrera's career on the field, a moment for reflection appears. Cabrera elicits two schools of thought among Tigers supporters. One perspective is admiration and respect for Miggy, credited to the Hall of Fame-level statistics he has accumulated during his Detroit tenure.

The latter may focus on the final five years of his career, during which the production that Tigers fans had come to expect halted. Due to the size of his contract, some fans have quickly blamed him for the Tigers' spending limitations.

However, if there is this side of Cabrera that people know perhaps on the surface, is his work in the community. He has left an indelible mark on the Latinx community in Detroit through his philanthropic endeavors. His charity, the Miguel Cabrera Foundation, focuses on youth development programs and has granted scholarships to Latinx students aspiring to higher education.

Cabrera's frequent community outreach events, including baseball clinics and food drives, have empowered a marginalized community, offering both inspiration and tangible support. For many in Detroit's Latinx community, Cabrera serves as a role model, proving that cultural background need not be a barrier to success.

Building on his influence, Miguel Cabrera's impact resonates deeply for those who, like myself, are children of immigrants. For someone who grew up the son of Cuban and Spanish immigrants in the Dearborn area—where the Hispanic population was once notably low in Southeastern Michigan—Cabrera's success is particularly meaningful.

Over the past two decades, the Latinx population has seen significant growth in the region, and Cabrera stands as a symbol of what can be achieved. His accomplishments in baseball and community service have not only set a standard for excellence but also offer a beacon of possibility for the increasingly diverse young generation in Detroit and its surrounding areas.

While my previous comments might sound like a public relations statement, they're rooted in personal experience. Growing up, I was the kind of fan who always rooted for the jersey, regardless of who wore it. Over the years, Detroit has welcomed Latin players like Carlos Guillén and Ivan Rodriguez. Their experiences, however, differ from that of Guillermo Hernández, the 1984 MVP and Cy Young Award winner, who didn't seem to receive the same level of fan embrace.

Where Miguel Cabrera really shines apart from these predecessors is his genuine love and enjoyment of the city of Detroit. Has he always been a media darling? No, but that's beside the point. The real question is, how often does Detroit get to see a Latin superstar player who not only excels on the field but also becomes a part of the fabric of the community? The answer is hardly ever, making Cabrera's impact all the more significant.

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